Here are some of the common questions

YES!! It is extremely important that your vehicle is insured throughout the entire duration of the trip. Here at ShipYourCarSafely your vehicle is fully insured bumper to bumper by the carriers insurance.

 This is a tricky question because there is a fine line on whether you can and whether you should. When it comes to personal items inside the vehicle our insurance will NOT cover any items that are stolen or damaged during transport. It is very important to understand this because NO exceptions will be made. On the other hand it is your vehicle and what you have inside will not be inspected by the carrier. Items that exceed the weight limits however will be asked to be removed. 

 Before pick and delivery a full inspection will be performed in order to ensure the safety of the vehicles state before departure. This is why it is necessary for someone to be  present upon pick-up and delivery of the vehicle. Whether it is the owner of the vehicle or a chosen representee, there must be someone present to send and receive the vehicle. A signature will be required during drop off and pick-up 

  1. Remove your highway toll pass. If the toll pass is left in the vehicle more than likely it will scan during transport. We are Not responsible for toll charges during transport.
  2. Ensure that you have a quarter tank or less.
  3. Make sure to clean your vehicle so that a  proper and clear inspection can be performed.
  4. Remove all personal and valuables from the vehicle 

 Yes we can ship it. Our team has shipped thousands of vehicles that are not mobile at the time of pick -up and delivery. 

 Yes we do ! We have experience shipping small things such as vehicles and motorcycles to shipping larger items such as RVs boats and tractors. Small or large we have you covered. 

Yes it does, this is one of the many benefits of shipping with our company.

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