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Customer satisfaction is our priority

"Let us ship your car safely and affordably."

Even from the outset, our goal has been to satisfy our consumers with the greatest vehicle transportation services at the most affordable prices. Therefore, you must understand what the auto shipping business is about and how it may benefit you.

This is why New York car shipping strives to make the process as stress-free as possible for our customers who are shipping their cars to us from another country. As a result, New York car shipping provides all of our customers with free estimates, with no commitment to book. To have the greatest experience, we encourage that you shop about and compare prices and services.

For this reason, New York car shipping strives to give relevant material and information on our site. In addition to being a car shipping business, New York car shipping also provides a wealth of information that you may use to better understand your shipment from beginning to end.

Regardless of size, weight, or condition, New York car shipping provides transportation services for any car type.

Our major objective at Ship Your Car safely is summed up in our name. A safe journey is guaranteed for your car, and in the same condition, it was delivered in. Our shipping prices are competitive to any of the 50 states as well as the territories overseas. Since its inception, our firm has provided services to tens of thousands of customers, and we're certain that Texas car shipping can continue to do so.

Our Services

  • Open Carrier
  • Enclosed Carrier
  • Cross Country
  • Seasonal Relocation
  • Military Shipping
  • College Transport
  • Purchasing a Vehicle Out of State
  • Over Sized
  • Motorcycle
  • Classic and Antique

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What do we offer?

Ø Extended office

No, Texas car shipping isn't just a 9-to-5 vehicle shippingfirm. As a result, we're open 365 days a year and have a long schedule. Texascar shipping is always available to answer any questions about vehicletransportation or what makes us the finest auto moving company.

Ø Complete coverage for your car

As a result, Texas car shipping can provide the mostcomprehensive insurance available in the shipping industry. Because Texas carshipping want you to be covered in every circumstance that may arise, and wewant to make tough situations as smooth as Because we want you to be covered inevery circumstance that may arise, and we want to make tough situations assmooth as possible

Ø 24/7 online shipment tracking

All shipments must arrive safely and on time. So our crewcontinually monitors every one of them.

Ø There is no need for a deposit upfront

Over the phone, several vehicle shipping firms may ask youfor a down payment as soon as they speak to you about the service. However,Texas car shipping will not ask for payment once the cargo has been arrangedfor pick up.

Ø Top-rated vehicle transport services

An A+ rating from the BBB demonstrates our commitment tocustomer satisfaction. With over two decades of experience, Texas car shippingunderstands how to take care of our customers and offers them the best vehicleshipping services currently available.

Ø Door-to-door service around the country

Nothing in the United States has eluded us. Nothing in the United States has eluded us. Whatever your location, we have you covered.

Ø If Offers Safe Transport

Think of a scenario where the route you choose to Overlandis in a different state or perhaps on a foreign continent. There is nothingworse than a car breakdown or a mishap immediately before you get at your goal.After a lengthy journey, cars may also become "weary. “There is a slimpossibility that anything will happen to your automobile in a container - evenif you choose a firm with a good reputation.

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Why Choose Us

The answer is simple because we have one of the most dedicated and prestigious teams in the industry. From our transport coordinator to our shipment support agents, dispatch specialists all the way to our devoted drivers. It's your automobile that's at the core of everything Texas car shipping does. Our team is hand-picked to uphold a certain standard in the industry in order to best serve our customers.


How shipping a vehicle works?

1.      Get a free quotation by calling our specialists now.

You tell us what you need, and we'll develop a bespoke solution to get your car securely and on schedule at the greatest price. You may schedule your vehicle shipping with us when you're ready.

2.     Then, you'll hand the keys over to your professional chauffeur.

Your car should be empty and spotless, on the inside and out. Personal items and aftermarket accessories should be removed. Make sure the engine, steering wheel, driver's side door, and windows are all working.  As soon as our driver arrives, we'll give you a call, so you know when to expect him at your door. Then, before it's loaded onto the carrier, you and your partner will inspect the vehicle and take detailed notes on its current condition.

3.      We'll take care of everything else.

We'll keep you informed throughout the shipping process and let you know when to anticipate your driver at your new home or selected delivery place. Finally, your vehicle will be delivered to your home and you will inspect it. Lastly, sign the Bill of Shipment and pay the rest sum owing.

Role of Shipping companies and Carriers

They operate as a middleman between carriers (see below) and their consumers. They're in charge of the business aspect of the operation. You'll get a quotation from a broker first. These companies will help to link you to the real trucking companies responsible for moving your automobile from point A to B. Ship your car safely, as a freight broker, makes it a top priority to guarantee that the firms we work with have outstanding ratings and adhere to stringent standards of quality and service.

Owner-operators and transportation firms both employ autotransporters. In Seasonal Car Shipping, we are looking for vehicles aggregated into one route to maximize their profit margins. It's a place where vehicle transportation businesses advertise their available loads on central boards(also known as load boards). Rather than working directly with clients, most carriers engage with brokers, who function as intermediaries by advertising cars on a load board and collecting payments from them.

Choosing a Car transport company

Beware of companies who offer false promises to you. For example, there is a possibility that they may tell you that they have guaranteed pricing and pickup dates and that they have trucks in your region that they own. But no broker in this sector can guarantee these things.

Working with an auto transport brokerage rather than a carrier is always the safer alternative. Car shipping firms with a good reputation have extensive market knowledge and skills, so they know reliable and inexpensive carriers. Automobile transport brokers are helpful in SeasonalCar Shipping since they perform the searching for you. When the broker receives a lead for your vehicle, he publishes it on the load board. Similar to an auction, the broker must wait for carriers to submit their quotes/bids. The broker then presents you with the carrier's bid, which you can accept or reject. To get you the best bargain on the load board allows a broker to analyze the many options available. You should use a broker when transporting one of your most valuable possessions if you want to be efficient and worry-free.

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